The New Cover for OUTBREAK, My Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel on Amazon

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When the virus decimated the human species, Kip and his family lost everything except each other. Then Kip's mother got infected and perished, and now Kip's father is sick with sepsis - curable, but only with antibiotics they no longer have in supply.

Desperate to save the only family he has left, Kip will have to venture outside his house for the first time in years. His destination is a pharmacy a dozen miles away. But he will have to make the journey on foot through a town infested by those who survived the virus and became something else.

Something terrifying, inhuman...and hungry.

Kip only has a couple of days to complete the mission to save his father. But he soon discovers that “the infected” aren't the worst creatures in his ruined town. When he meets another band of survivors, he will learn the hard way what the town’s new occupants do to scavengers like him.